Meanwood Primary School says NO! To bullying

Our school values everyone's right to enjoy and achieve.

Bullying in any form is NOT tolerated at Meanwood Primary School.

We educate children about bullying and they are always encouraged if they feel they are being bullied to inform a member of staff.

We have been recognised for our Anti-Bullying work and received a "Enhanced Healthy School" Award!

It is important to understand what bullying is

  • Bullying is intentional.
  • Bullying is repetitive - the bully upsets someone over and over again.
  • The bully acts as though they have more power than the victim, and again, intentionally hurts that person in any form - Physically, verbally, emotionally, indirect, cyber.

Recognising Signs Of Bullying                         

Some effects of bullying are easily recognised, however sometimes it is less obvious to recognise.  Some effects of bullying may be:

  • Signs of emotional distress - nervousness, anxiety, lack of confidence, lack of attention, lack of interest
  • Bruises, scratches, or attempts to hide physical injuries
  • Unusual bed wetting
  • Fear of going to school
  • Coming home without personal belongings that they should have

If You Think Your Child Is Being Bullied

Encourage your child to talk to you about it and praise them for talking to you about it. Listen without judging and let them know that they have a right to be supported.

Involving Us

If your child has informed you they are being bullied, please inform us. Together, along with the class teacher, you will have the opportunity to address what is going on and will be reassured we will deal with the issue effectively.

Whenever an allegation of bullying is made, the school will go through a procedure:

  • Either the Head Teacher or Deputy Head will investigate the allegation by talking separately to each of the children involved. Staff in contact with the children will also be asked about the situation.  
  • We will report back to the parents to let you know whether we think it is bullying or a less serious "falling out" between the children.
  • If we find bullying has taken place, steps will be taken to reassure the victim; for example, speaking directly to a senior member of staff every day to give the child the opportunity to report any further concerns.
  • We alert all staff, so that they can be extra vigilant.
  • A punishment will be given to the bully- this depends on their age and the severity of the incident. We will also inform their parents.
  • If appropriate, children will be supported to re-establish a relationship so that further bullying is prevented.
  • Parents will be asked to keep the school updated if their child should report anything further.
  • Written records are kept of all allegations of bullying. All schools in Rochdale are asked to report any incidents of bullying to the Local Authority every term.

Through the development and implementation of our Anti-Bullying Policy, Meanwood Primary School trusts that all children, parents/carers and staff will:

  • Feel confident that everything is being done to make Meanwood a fun, safe and BULLY FREE learning environment.
  • Informed who can be contacted if there are concerns regarding bullying.
  • Be supported in reporting incidents of bullying.
  • Be assured that action regarding bullying will take place.

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