At Meanwood, our children are our priority - we want our children to feel safe and happy at school, therefore the staff at Meanwood take bullying very seriously.

On our Anti Bullying page, we have provided useful information on identifying what bullying is and what to do whether it is yourself or someone you know that is being bullied.

What is Bullying?

  • Bullying is intentional (not an accident) and a bully hurts someone on purpose.
  • Bullying is repetitive, this means that the bully hurts someone over and over again.
  • Bullying is where one person acts like they have more power than another and does whatever they can to purposely hurt that person.

Forms of Bullying

Physical Verbal Indirect Cyber
Kicking Name Calling Gossiping

Sending nasty texts

Hitting Teasing

Spreading nasty stories


Damaging your belongings

Offensive remarks

Exclusion - stopping someone joining
in activities, playtimes, games.

Making nasty phone calls

  Making threats    

Try out our Bullying Checklist - Is it Bullying?

  • Has the person been hurtful in any way more than once?
  • Has the person threatened you before?
  • Does the person go out of their way to turn others against you?
  • Has the person taken your property more than once?

If you have answered YES to any of the above, then YES it IS Bullying!

What Can You Do If You Are Being Bullied?

Hide? Keep quiet? Run away? Let them carry on?


Speak to someone you trust whether it be a parent, teacher or a good friend

BUT... do NOT let the Bully carry on to purposely hurt you!

Together we can STOP Bullying!

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