Senior Leadership Team

Mrs H. Vyse Head Teacher
Mrs J. Fletcher Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs K. Beeley Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs L.Parker Assistant Headteacher  
Mrs S.Molloy SENCO
Mrs E. Wright EYFS Leader
Mrs H. Hart Children's Welfare Officer 

School Office

Mrs L. Ripley School Business Manager
Miss A Holt Attendance Officer and Administrator
Miss C. Hawley Administrator
Miss J. Harris Administrator


Mrs S. Beaumont Teacher
Miss R. Wolfenden Teaching Assistant


Miss K. Johnson Teacher
Mrs E. Wright Teacher, EYFS Leader
Miss A. Procter Teaching Assistant
Mrs F. Shaffi Teaching Assistant
Miss E. Lawlor Teaching Assistant (Monday-Thursday)
Miss S. Hurn Teaching Assistant (Friday)

Year 1

Mrs K. Beeley Teacher (Mornings)
Mrs S. Beaumont Teaching (Afternoons)
Miss M. Smithies   Teacher
Miss R. Wolfenden SEN Support
Miss D. McHugh Teaching Assistant
Miss D. Pollitt Teaching Assistant
Miss C. Smith Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Mrs S. Molloy Teacher (Monday)
Mrs E. Booth Teacher (Tuesday to Friday)
Mrs L. Parker Teacher (Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs D. Horrocks Teaching Assistant
Mrs E. O'Connor Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Mrs G. Sidell Teacher (Monday- Wednesday)
Mrs C. Calverley-Smith Teacher (Thursday - Friday)
Mrs H. Cunnelly Teacher
Miss M. Litster Teaching Assistant
Mrs Z. Afzal Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Mrs H. Holt Teacher
Miss L. Crompton Teacher
Miss R. Hawkins Teaching Assistant
Mr R. Ikram Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Mrs V. Gomersall Teaching Assistant (Monday-Wednesday)
Mrs N. Birch Teaching Assistant (Thursday-Friday)

Year 5

Miss R. Simpson Teacher
Mrs J. Fletcher Teacher (Monday & Tuesday)
Miss C. Adshead Teacher (Wednesday- Friday)
Mrs A. Morrissey Teaching Assistant
Mrs D. Moody Teaching Assistant (Tuesday-Friday)
Mrs C. Reid Teaching Assistant (Monday-Thursday)

Year 6

Mrs R. Quigley Teacher
Mr M Robinson Teacher
Mrs L. Crawford Teaching Assistant
Mrs L. Brierley Teaching Assistant
Miss L. Lawton Teaching Assistant

Other staff

Mrs H. Drumm Music teacher
Mr J. Walker Level 4 TA - Teach whole classes and small groups of children
Mrs D. Smith Level 4 TA - Teach whole classes and small groups of children
Mrs J. Halkyard Level 4 TA - Sports Leader and Teach whole classes and small groups of children
Miss C. Taylor Learning Mentor
Mrs S. Copp Speech and Language Therapist
Miss D. McHugh Senior Lunchtime Organiser
Miss M. Litster Lunchtime Organiser
Mrs F. Faulkner Lunchtime Organiser
Mrs Z. Afzal Lunchtime Organiser
Miss D. Pollitt Lunchtime Organiser
Miss R. Hawkins Lunchtime Organiser
Mrs F. Shaffi Lunchtime Organiser
Mrs T. Goldsmith Lunchtime Organiser
Mrs M. Begum Lunchtime Organiser
Miss S. Hurn Lunchtime Organiser
Mrs J. Uddin Lunchtime Organiser
Miss C. Horrocks Lunchtime Organiser
Miss S. Hussain Lunchtime Organiser
Miss A. Parveen Lunchtime Organiser
Miss B.. Parvez Lunchtime Organiser
Mrs E. O'Connor Lunchtime Organiser
Miss A. Proctor Lunchtime Organiser
Mrs A. Morrissey Lunchtime Organiser

Breakfast Club Staff

Mr J. Walker  
Miss R Hawkins  

Kitchen Staff

Mrs S. Pickup Catering Supervisor
Mrs S. Farhat Kitchen Assistant
Mrs B. Rolfe Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J. Murphy Kitchen Assistant
Miss K. Park Kitchen  Assistant
Ms. M. Rigby Kitchen Assistant

Cleaning and Caretaking Staff

Mr C. O'Connor Caretaker
Mrs A Coackley Cleaner in Charge
Ms D. Connor Cleaner
Ms C. Etaha Cleaner
Ms. K. Park Cleaner
Ms E. Hayward Cleaner




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