Headteacher Appraisal Committee


2 OR 3 Governors who are not employed at the school. As the chair is the governor who will know the most about the performance of the headteacher on a week to week basis, unless there are exceptional circumstances, the chair should be part of the appraisal committee.


2 Governors

Overall Purpose of the Committee

The overall purpose of the Committee is to carry out the Governing Body’s statutory responsibilities for the Performance Management of the Headteacher.

Effective appraisal is an important part of the governing body’s drive for school improvement.

Terms of Reference

  • To carry out the annual appraisal of the Headteacher in accordance with legal requirements and the pay policy of the school.
  • To appoint a suitably qualified external adviser/reviewer to support and advise them in the appraisal of the headteacher. This appointment should be confirmed each year at a full governing body meeting and should not be delegated to the headteacher to decide.
  • To set the headteacher’s objectives after consultation with the external adviser and discussion with the headteacher and discuss progress against the previous years objectives and make a recommendation on pay to the Personnel and Pay committee.
  • It is for the governing body to determine whether the headteacher’s objectives and performance against them will be shared with the whole governing body (apart from staff governors) or remain confidential to the review panel and Personnel and Pay committee.

Governing bodies must also appoint a Review Officer to deal with any complaints made by the Headteacher about his/her review.The Review Officer must not be a member of the Headteachers Appraisal Committee.

The Review Officer is: Jane Stuckey

Membership of Committee

Stephen Anstee

Gareth Parkhill

Georgina Nuttall

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