Personnel and Pay Implementation Committee


It is suggested that all eligible governors are members of this committee (ie other than staff governors) to enable the Governing Board to effectively deal with any staffing matters that may arise within the school.

Overall Purpose of the Committee

The overall purpose of this Committee is to implement the personnel and pay policies of the Governing Board by making decisions related to individual members of staff; including the annual review of all teachers pay.

Terms Of Reference

  • To carry out the Governing Board’s responsibilities in implementing its policies and procedures for determining staff pay (including the annual review of teachers’ salaries), considering cases of staff discipline, or grievance, and determining that staff should cease to work at the school. (Regulations provide that the headteacher, where appropriate, should have the delegated responsibility to make initial dismissal decisions (IDD), following which there will be an opportunity to appeal to a panel of governors). Where the headteacher does not have delegated responsibility (or the headteacher is being considered for dismissal) the initial decision can be delegated to Personnel and Pay Implementation Committee.
  • To carry out the staff recruitment procedures as agreed by the governing body (see staff recruitment scheme of delegation)
  • To implement the HR policies of the Governing Board in a fair and equal manner.
  • To observe all statutory and contractual obligations.
  • To minute clearly the reasons for all decisions and report these decisions to the next meeting of the full Governing Board unless confidential.

For Headteacher appointments:

  • The whole Governing Board to interview and select an appointable candidate OR
  • A selection panel of at least 3 Governors to select, interview and recommend an interviewee to the Governing Board for appointment

For SLT appointments: A selection panel of at least 3 Governors to select, interview and appoint an interviewee

For appointment of staff outside the SLT group: The Headteacher, or one or more individual Governors (with the right of the Headteacher to advise) or one or more Governors and the Headteacher

The panel should consist of at least 3 people, one of which is the Headteacher or their nominee (although a minimum of two is accepted) of suitable experience and training and where possible gender mix. At least one member of the panel must have completed the Safer Recruitment training. The same panel members should be involved throughout the recruitment process and Governors should be a member of the relevant committee of Governors.]


Any eligible governors

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