Please be reminded that February half term is from Monday 24th February 2020 – Friday 28th February 2020.


Freshwater Theatre Company are coming in on Tuesday 18th February 2020 to see Reception children. They will be helping the children with storytelling to link with their traditional stories topic.


Year 5 will be going on a visit to Cutgate Church on Tuesday 18th February 2020. They will get to discover how the building functions as a place of worship.


Thank you to everyone who made a parents evening appointment and came in to see their child class teacher! If you couldn’t make it and would still like to discuss your child’s progress, then please speak with the class teacher to arrange an appropriate time.


Please be reminded that the person collecting your children at the end of the school day must be at least 16 years of age. We are not willing to allow school children to take younger ones. Please note that this is in place to ensure the safety of your children.


If your child has asthma, please ensure that school has been informed and an asthma care plan has been put in place. They will also require an inhaler in class at all times should they require it. You can retrieve a form from the school office.  


We have lots of lost keys in the school office. Some have been here for a while now and have not been collected. If you have lost a key on school premises or the local area, please call in to the school office to collect them. We will be disposing of them over half term.



Meanwood will be taking part in World Book Day on 5th March 2020. We welcome all children to take part and come in dressed as their favourite book character with a book of their choice to share with their classmates!


As of April 2020, Meanwood will be going cashless. We have sent emails out to all parents that we have email addresses for, regarding SIMs pay (the online payment system) and how to create an account to do online payments. If you have not received the email and are not yet signed up, then please call the school office and provide us with your email address to receive that information. There will still be the option of paying using card at the school office but no cash payments will be accepted at all.