PTA needs your help! As many of you may have noticed, we have been rather quiet lately. This is because unfortunately, we don’t have enough parents involved to be able to continue. This is a huge shame as PTA managed to raise just under £1000 from the school fair alone last year. This kind of money can really benefit our children in school. PTA funded repairs to the KS1 shed and are also funding new instruments for our children. After some thought and a last attempt at keeping our school PTA up and running, and raising money for our children, we have come up with a plan. Let’s try and run PTA by email. All members can email ideas, be updated and also volunteer for upcoming events all via email. This means that parents who are unable to commit to meetings can still play a vital part in our PTA. If you are interested in joining, please send your school’s PTA email address to Together we can make a difference!


Can we please remind parents that children are not allowed to wear jewellery for school? The only jewellery we allow is stud earrings which will also need to be taken out or covered up for PE lessons. We do not allow bracelets, rings, necklaces or any hoop earrings.


Children are still welcome to apply for after school activity clubs and they can be added if and when there are places. Please come and speak to the school office for more information or to add your child on! There are lots of different activities to choose from.


Meanwood will be taking part in World Book Day on 5th March 2020. We welcome all children to take part and come in dressed as their favourite book character with a book of their choice to share with their classmates!


Teatime club is now being run daily in the school treehouse. It runs from 3.15-4.30PM at a cost of £3.50 per day or £15 for the week. If you would like for your child to attend, please call in to the school office for a form.


Parents evening will be held next week. Please ensure you have an appointment with your child’s teacher for an update on their progress. To make an appointment, please use the following link If you have any difficulties making an appointment, please call at the school office where someone will be happy to help you.


As of April 2020, Meanwood will be going cashless. We have sent emails out to all parents that we have email addresses for, regarding SIMs pay (the online payment system) and how to create an account to do online payments. If you have not received the email and are not yet signed up, then please call the school office and provide us with your email address to receive that information. There will still be the option of paying using card at the school office but no cash payments will be accepted at all.