Please make note that next week’s SATs clubs are cancelled! The children will be working extra hard doing a practise SATs week in school so for 1 week there will be no year 6 reading or maths club after school.


It has come to our attention that head lice are currently an issue around school. Can we ask that you please check your child’s hair and treat them if they have any lice?


There is a current craze sweeping Manchester which has the potential to cause severe injuries to children. Please be aware of the small magnetic balls that children are playing with, they are using them to mimic facial piercings unaware of the risks if they are swallowed. Please check the following link for more information -


Starlight charity are doing a collection on Tuesday 4th February 2020. Please bring in any donations of clothing and paired shoes to the school office prior to this date.


We have had a lot of children leaving school early or coming in late, due to attending appointments. Can you please ensure that wherever possible, children get appointments out of school hours as taking them out during the school day can cause them to lose valuable learning time?


Can we remind all parents that if children are being dropped at school and required to sign in, a parent must be present with them. Do not drop your child off on the streets surrounding school and send them in alone, this is a safeguarding concern and it is important that children are handed over to school staff by an adult.

Also, if you are dropping your children off first thing in a morning, please be aware that they will not be supervised until 8:50AM when they are brought in to school. Prior to this, it is parents’ responsibility to ensure the safety of your children.


We have lots of prescription glasses in the office that have been lost and handed in. We will be disposing of these at the end of next week as some have been left for a number of weeks now. Please come and have a look if you feel that any of these may belong to your child.


Parents of children with additional needs may be interested in the following link - It is a useful resource for parents of children with additional needs and includes helpful documents that you can download.


Meanwood will be taking part in World Book Day on 5th March 2020. We welcome all children to take part and come in dressed as their favourite book character with a book of their choice to share with their classmates!


Teatime club is now being run daily in the school treehouse. It runs from 3.15-4.30PM at a cost of £3.50 per day or £15 for the week. If you would like for your child to attend, please call in to the school office for a form.


Parents evening appointments are being held on 11th, 12th and 13th February 2020. To make an appointment with your child’s teacher, please use the following link If you have any difficulties making an appointment, please call at the school office where someone will be happy to help you.


As of April 2020, Meanwood will be going cashless. We have sent emails out to all parents that we have email addresses for, regarding SIMs pay (the online payment system) and how to create an account to do online payments. If you have not received the email and are not yet signed up, then please call the school office and provide us with your email address to receive that information. There will still be the option of paying using card at the school office but no cash payments will be accepted at all.