Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2-Years 3 and 4

Year 3

Children still do Mathematics and Literacy every day but they are expected to be able to work independently and concentrate for longer periods of time. In this year children are taught to write in joined handwriting, which should be neat and fluent by the time children start Year 4. They will also be expected to do a small amount of homework each night, including reading their reading books, practising times tables and learning spellings, as well as some other more occasional pieces. This will prepare them for the more challenging expectations later in the Junior years. To help them in this, the children are given homework diaries to fill in. Children in the Junior building are also expected to be able to come into the school building by themselves and meet parents outside at hometime. Parents are still highly welcome to come into school, if they wish to help or talk to their child's teacher. The themes that are covered are:

Year 4

Expectations for children in Year 4 build upon those of Year 3. By the time children reach Year 4 they are expected to be able to work more quickly, take greater responsibility for their own learning and be able to work independently on their individual targets. However, as part of their daily homework, children must continue to practise their reading, spellings and times tables and will still need help at home with these. Children will receive more homework, which they are expected to complete to the best of their ability. The themes that are covered are: