UPPER KS 2 (Years 5 and 6)

In order to ensure a smooth transition to their Secondary Schools, our children are given:

We achieve this by careful planning of the curriculum, offering a diverse choice of extra-curricular activities and by careful monitoring, to ensure each child reaches his/her potential. We also ensure our children are given responsibilities to empower them to work co-operatively with staff to help our school run effectively such as:

By the end of KS2 we are confident that our children are prepared for the next step in their lives, both academically and socially, but that they also leave with the knowledge that our Primary School, Meanwood, has given them the 'best' start for their future life and that we in return, assure them that they have made a positive impact upon our history, with a hope that they will return in the future to our events with a sense of affection and a feeling of loyalty, because we will always extend a warm welcome along with cheery reminiscences of times past.