The School Council aims to meet twice a term to try and make the school a healthier and happier place to be. We have meetings where we discuss issues and try to solve problems that arise.
Children in each class have the opportunity to air their views in circle time discussions, the class representatives then put over these views at School Council meetings. Although a teacher is always present at the meetings they act as a link between the pupils and the teachers and do not set an agenda for meetings.
Minutes of the meeting are taken and the representatives then report back to their class, updating them on what has been discussed. Sometimes we can solve problems but other times we cannot.
Since establishing our School Council we have helped to bring about changes to school in a number of ways: - School Council suggested we had outdoor games to play with on the playground at break times. We now have these! Some children requested that we had benches to sit on in the quiet area of the playground. We now have these! Children wanted to be able to buy bottled water to drink at playtimes. We now sell this!
There's still a lot we're trying to achieve. Some things take time, others a lot of money! But we all agree that School Council is a good way for the pupils of Meanwood to take an active role in making the school how they want it to be.

School Council Class Representatives 2003-2004
Year 3
Rebecca Swain, Jack Simpson, Jennifer Nairn, Luke Wakefield
Year 4
Stephanie Buchanan, Reece Freeman, Paige Dawson, Liam Sansom
Year 5
Emma Jones, Gregory Pearson, Rebecca Hayes, Scott Pickup
Year 6
Jade Hines, Jake Sheridan, Rachael Oldfield, Jake Moody